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29 Great Gatsby-Themed Wedding Ideas

Now that we’re in the Roaring ’20s all over again, engaged couples are celebrating by throwing glamorous Great Gatsby-themed weddings and parties. The great American novel has inspired countless planners to recreate the glitz and romance from the story in real life for guests to enjoy. And with these Great Gatsby-themed wedding ideas, you can too! 

Whether you enjoyed the book, the movie, or simply love the 1920s and art deco, this mix of Great Gatsby-themed wedding ideas — including venues, cake ideas, and more — has something for everyone.

What is a Great Gatsby-themed Wedding? 

A Great Gatsby-themed wedding is a ceremony and/or reception inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1924 novel about the love story between multi-millionaire Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. Although the themes of the story are centered around the American Dream and class issues, the 1920s world of the book offers exciting parties, glamorous drama, and all the excitement of the jazz age.  

Explore 29 of our favorite Great Gatsby-themed wedding ideas:

Overall, you’ll find that Great Gatsby wedding ideas all involve a combination of the 1920s polished style, classy New Year’s Eve-related decor, and a touch of glamorous whimsy that only Jay Gatsby himself can conjure up. 

Venues that can accommodate a Great Gatsby-themed wedding

Aim to book a venue that has dramatic architecture, plenty of secret corners for lounging, and a romantically moody atmosphere if you want to reflect the 1920s glamour of the famous Great Gatsby world. Explore these bookable Great Gatsby wedding venues from all over the United States, along with where they are located, how much they cost, and what makes them perfect for this theme. 

1. The Park Savoy

Location: Florham Park, New Jersey

Cost: Starting at $9,387 for 50 guests

Book the Park Savoy for its grand ballroom, gigantic chandeliers, and historic gardens. The mansion is a private estate with terraces, a Juliet balcony, and plenty of rooms for guests to get cozy in. It’s a three-time Wedding Spot award winner offering both indoor and outdoor spaces for your Great Gatsby-themed wedding.

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