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Pylewell Park Micro Wedding with Bespoke Bride Dress

Newlyweds Francesca and Ben have now emigrated to New Zealand! But, before they went they decided they wanted to be married in the UK. After postponing their ‘big’ wedding in July they managed to organise an intimate celebration with close family in just three weeks! This included Francesca having her dress made and arranging a portrait session with their photograher at their original wedding venue, Pylewell Park. It really is incredible what couples can do when they set your mind to it, and just lovely to be able to have these wonderful memories before they embark on a new chapter together.


“We originally had our ‘big’ wedding planned for the 4th July, the ceremony at the church then the reception back at Pylewell Park. When that got cancelled we just put in a date in September with the church and a date for next year with Pylewell, then decided whether or not to do it with just family or wait another year. We are actually emigrating to New Zealand in November and the closer September got I felt more and more that I wanted to get married before we went. So the wedding all came together in about 3 weeks!” – Francesca & Ben

Pylewell Park

After Francesca and Ben’s intimate Chruch ceremony, they decide to take a drive just the two of them in a mini. It was decorated with tissue tassels and a just married sign and they look elated to finally be married! One of the pitstops on their journey was to Pylewell Park wedding venue, where they’ll be holding their large celebration next year. The grounds and captures by Romy Lawrence Photography are incredible and are a small taster of things to come.


“The vibe was very relaxed. There were only 8 of us there (and my twin 9 month old nieces) we decided just to have immediate family because we couldn’t choose between all of our friends and extended family, 30 adds up quite quickly! I think it worked quite well as our families are already close so it felt really intimate and easy. “ – Francesca & Ben


“I found the dress I wanted by a Spanish designer, but strangely they didn’t respond to any emails, Instagram messages or phone calls so I sent some photos of it to Rosie who does bridal alterations and asked her if she could make something similar. Luckily it was a fairly simple design and she was so patient with my back and forth constant whatsapping her pictures of new details I wanted to include. I was so thrilled with the way it turned out. She also made my veil which I decided on the Wednesday before I wanted to be more dramatic so she ended up actually cutting it on me when I went to collect my dress the day before the wedding!” – Francesca & Ben


“Not sure if I qualify to answer but I guess if you’re a corona bride, definitely consider splitting the wedding in two and having a tiny ceremony then a big party later. We’re really excited to celebrate again with all of our friends and I feel much more relaxed about planning it now!” – Francesca & Ben

Getting married and partying later is such a good idea, and one that many couples are adopting due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We’re put together some helpful tips and advice to help you plan your Two-Part Wedding. Plus, if you need additional advice Scaling Back Your Wedding, we can help there too!

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